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Classification of PE net weaving methods

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pe net textile net and sewn net fishing gear shield diameter of less than 4 mm line, is the main material for the production of fishing nets. The vision of the fish in the water is very open, the bright color of the fishing net will stimulate it at a long distance, so when choosing the pe net, blue, white, gray and other colors are generally used, in addition, the physical and mechanical properties of the network cable should also be: To have a certain roughness, sufficient strength, appropriate elongation, good flexibility, elasticity, structural stability, corrosion resistance and degradation resistance, uniform thickness, smooth wear resistance. pe net is woven with fishing net, so do you know how to weave fishing net with fishing net? There are three ways to weave fishing nets. Here is a brief introduction to the classification of common weaving methods of pe net.

Classification of pe net weaving method:

1, twisting method, is to use two groups of yarn twisted by the machine at the same time, at the junction point each other through the heart to form a network. Because the yarn is not bent at the nodule of the pe net, the net coat is smooth and the friction is reduced. However, the efficiency of the twisting machine is low, the preparation process is complicated, the transverse mesh number is limited, and it is only suitable for weaving pe net with large mesh.

2, the knot method is the traditional method of making fishing nets, pe network cable fishing nets with warp and shuttle weft line set knot, the size of the nodule is 4 times the diameter of the net rope, prominent in the net plane.

3, warp knitting method, warp knitting knotless fishing net flat, wear-resistant, light weight, stable structure, high nodule strength, no deformation after the damage of the net, not loose, the use of this weaving method of pe net cable fishing nets can be widely used in sea fishing, freshwater fishing and aquaculture and other special purposes.


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